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How can yoga Elevate your career

What comes to mind when you hear the words corporate wellbeing? Maybe you think of fruit baskets, ergonomic chairs, and discounted gym memberships. Traditionally, these have been the solutions to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace and they’re still great options. But in today’s environment where a corporate job is no longer a simple nine-to-five and we are constantly connected 24/7 across global markets; we need to challenge our definition of wellbeing and how we improve individual wellness in the workplace.

When I think of corporate wellbeing, I think of developing resilience, focus and creativity through mindfulness; managing stress and finding clarity through meditation; and grounding yourself in purpose through gratitude. The practices of mindfulness, meditation and gratitude are not new and have been around for generations. However, the use of these practices in a corporate setting are fairly new and are proving to have a role in our workplace improving productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Integrating these practices into your corporate life doesn’t need to be complicated. The first step is to simply tune into yourself and become aware of how you’re responding to a situation. We spend most of our day responding to the demands of others that we don’t take the time to check in with ourselves and reset when it’s needed. Understanding what you’re feeling or how you’re responding to a situation helps you identify when you need to step in or step away for a moment to practice a wellbeing timeout.

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