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Corporate Meditation

Job stress costs companies millions a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity and medical, legal, and insurance costs.

Meditating professionals achieve more with less effort and experience significant improvements in physical and mental health. Meditation facilitates stress reduction, increased productivity, a greater capacity for collaboration and a calmer, more efficient work environment. Happier, healthier employees create the foundation for a stronger company.

Soelae Riley and her Integrate Wellness team have had the privilege of working with companies large and small to make meditation part of the health and wellness benefits available to their employees.

Onsite (or off-site) meditation courses for corporate groups can be arranged to take place during, before or after work hours, at a time that is most convenient for your team.

For more info contact us through our contact page. Also refer to Corporate Wellbeing Programs.

Contact Integrate Wellness to discuss your company’s wellness goals.

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